Hear From My Clients

Very professional service, spell was cast in good time. Would recommend this shop. Will update when things start manifesting


I have bought two different spells it has been a week since & I have faith they will work I do feel a sense of higher happiness. Elie was great at communicating and also send clear pictures of step by step of the work and responds to your messages without judgement and is sweet.


Great communication Elie did as said, showed pictures of the work including personal pictures. Im just staying positive and waiting for the results.


Elie is the Sweetest, helped me so much and was quick at replying. Elie also sent proof of then performance of the spell which is great🥰 It’s only been a few days I haven’t seen results yet but I’m looking forward. Definitely recommend buying here if I see results I will update💞


Elie is very sweet and did everything within a day! Elie sent photographic proof that everything was done, which meant a lot to me. It’s too soon to know results but I will update once I do! 💕


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