Painting of Hecate.

My Mastery

My name is Elie Sireth. As an Hellenic Witch, I follow the traditions of Hellenism, the polytheistic religion of ancient Greece, and draw inspiration from ancient texts and historical pagan practices. My potential was identified early on by my mother and strengthened through the support of countless individuals in my country. I am now accessible to the global community through this website.

Painting of Hecate

My Mission

My top priorities are to help you in your spiritual journey, eliminate obstacles from your path, and open doors to new positive opportunities in your future. I will work with natural energies, Hecate, and greek deities to craft customized spells tailored to your specific needs.

Painting of Circé.

Your Choice

My expertise in the use of powerful spells and curses brings the possibility of transformative change. But remember, you hold the power to determine your life's course. Take action, guide me towards your aspirations, and let's make your dreams come to reality.

Start Manifesting The Life You Deserve

You fled, you hid, you fought, every moment fear devoured your soul. You have lost loved ones, you have found others. A war like that was unprecedented, unpredictable, unthinkable. Yet you had to face it. Sometimes you succeeded, other times you didn't. You have managed to reach Thessaly, land blessed by the Gods, sacred land, oasis of preserved life. A new chance is offered to you, will you seize it? Do you even have the choice?
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Manifest The Life You Want Not The One You're Settling For

  • Custom Spell

    Don't settle for anything less than exactly what you need. If you can't find the perfect spell, reach out to me. My expertise is vast, and I am confident we can craft a custom solution tailored just for you.

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  • Hellenistic Medium

    Welcome to the mystical world of ancient Greek gods, where magic and divine guidance converge. If you're seeking a deep connection with the powerful energies of Hellenistic deities, you're in the right place.

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